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2nd Hour conversations cover a variety of topics and take place immediately following our Sunday morning worship and a quick cup of coffee, 11:30-12:30. Social-justice issues, aging conversations, finances, book discussions, and church governance matters might be covered. It is the time we gather to discuss action that is needed. Any congregant can propose a topic and lead a discussion after scheduling time with the church office.


While we are unlikely to agree unanimously on every single issue that confronts our society, there is a broad sense among the church staff that our community is working hard to confront these challenging moments in our country’s history. Yet, there is also a sense that as the news changes so rapidly these days, that it can be really hard to focus on one or two issues. Feeling scattered has left plenty of folks feeling like they don’t know where to start or so overwhelmed that rest seems impossible. The best way to regain some measure of vitality in our response to the world is to know that we are working together after exploring the manner in which we are spiritually grounded and connected. 
We would like to help our members and friends by engaging in both a spiritual discernment process and an opportunity to create a communal map of resisting. The “roadmap to resistance” is not a manual on what to do and when to do it. Rather, we would like to chart all of the many ways in which our members and friends are engaging the issues so that we can become focused on a small number of issues individually while also recognizing that even if we aren’t tackling a particular issue, someone else in our community will be on our behalf. Your friend in the community can help you respond to the world by taking on what you cannot. 
Join us on February 19th at 11:45 in the Tower Building for a time of communal reflection, planning, committing, and response. Let’s come together for spiritual guidance and mutual accountability so that we might stay rooted in love, wisdom, and effective action. 

"Honor Our Own"

This is a monthly series within the 2nd Hour program that invites adults in our midst to share their stories. It's fascinating, and you'll learn more here than you'll ever pick up at coffee time.
Oct 23, 2016 - Rev. Dr. Bill Lutz will share his story.
Nov 13, 2016 - Tim Crist will speak to us about his life.

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