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Heritage Sunday
Heritage Sunday - Members for over 40 years

Faith at Every Age

Recognizing that spiritual needs change as we age, an adult group for those over 60 was formed in 2014. We gather a few times a year for a luncheon that also includes a presentation on timely topics such as local services, health information, death and dying, and anything else the group wants to share. We also just want to have fun and enjoy time with our Nursery School students beautifying the Guild Gallery, reading stories, learning from each other. The opportunity to come together and socialize is the main event. Most attendees are church members, but as with all events friends are welcome and encouraged.

Intergenerational Connections

The seniors of our congregation provide lots of leadership for us, some teach and tutor, others carry primary responsibility for an outreach program, some are the mainstays of our drama and music ministries. Many are often away on exciting trips! This group also has more flexible time and is among our most treasured volunteers, whether preparing our monthly newsletter, serving coffee, working as parish nurses, or acting as mentors to confirmands and other youth.
The deacons provide a connection with all members of our congregation. Each member has a deacon who checks in periodically and may gather his or her flock for a social “visit” from time to time.
Each year on “Heritage Sunday,” we recognize those who have been members of our congregation for forty years or more. In the Bible’s vernacular that means a very long time!

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