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We continue our study of the New Testament with the second half of Romans.  We use the Listen Up Bible Series from the United Church of Christ. God will always have something new to say to us even when the stories sound familiar and are often told. God's word may be heard through careful listening, honest sharing, and trust in the Holy Spirit. Leadership is shared with a different facilitator each week. Materials are provided. 

Tuesdays at noon - Paul  begins Jan 9, 2018

We begin a 9 week unit on "The Challenge of Paul" by John Dominic Crossan. This special preview series is offered by Faith and Reason who 'connects top scholars with classroom participants through thoughtful video and guides that wrestle with essential questions of our time.' Each session will begin with a 16 minute video followed by discussion. Jump in at any time.

At 1:30 the spirit guides us to attention of the body. Chair Yoga with Marcie is a gentle class for all ages and designed to build and enhance strength and over-all well-being. Suggested donation for yoga is $5 which is donated to the church. The Bible study is free. Stay for both or attend what you can. Chair yoga is also held Fridays at 1:30 pm. Check back for start dates.

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