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Summer Sunday School, June 25-Sept 3, 2017, "Telling Our Stories"

In order to tell our stories we will explores the stories of others. A variety of children's storybooks will be used and explored carefully to discover what is being said, how it is being said, and how using pictures effects what we hear. We will use one storybook each week and experience a part of that story while we share our own. The Bible is full of stories told in different ways to help us learn about the characters or about their experiences with God, Jesus and each other. 

This class is geared toward students 4 years old through completed 3rd grade. Older students are encouraged to engage worship.

Learning Centers K-7th Grade

During the school year, Learning Centers are held on Sunday morning in conjunction with the 10:00 AM worship service. Multi-age classes meet for children from age 3 through 7th grade. Our 3-4 year-old class begins at 10:00 AM so children do not have to transition as much. Students K and up begin worship with their parents and are dismissed to class locations after the Chancel Steps Talk. Children return to the coffee room at 11:15. Childcare is available for children 3 and under in the main church building. Yes, this is an overlap. Parents can decide on the best place for their child based on individual development..

Lectionary Based Curriculum                  

In March 2017 we switched from Rotation Model Learning to a Lectionary based curriculum. That means the student have a different lesson each week which, in most cases, will coincide with the scripture reading the adults are hearing in the sanctuary. This will offer additional points of connection between parent and child during the rest of the week.


Each year, our third graders are presented with their own copy of the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible after completing the Faith Stepping Stones class, "The Bible."  Our younger grades use the Sparks Story Bible. We highly urge parents to purchase this Bible for their children 2nd grade and under.

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