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The United Church of Christ is a bottom-up organization, which is exactly the opposite of most mainline denominations. The direction, governance, and finances happen at the local church level and are moved upward to determine the UCC’s direction and passion. That is one reason why you will find UCC churches from many different backgrounds, Lutheran, Baptist, Evangelical & Reformed, Congregational, Korean, Pacific Islander, and Community churches. Congregations like the philosophy of the United Church of Christ, while also maintaining their founding identity.



NJ Association

We are members of the New Jersey Association, which has 40 UCC churches in the state. The board holds three gatherings per year to educate it’s members.


Central Atlantic Conference

We are also part of the Central Atlantic Conference, which has 5 associations spread throughout Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, the District of Columbia, and parts of West Virginia. The board members are very active to effect social change in our area of the world as well as in foreign countries.

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The United Church of Christ is headquartered in Cleveland. There are thirty-eight conferences across the country. Our synod gatherings happen every two years with the next one taking place in Baltimore, Maryland in June 2017.

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